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Welcome to the home page of AC Mappy. Here you will find all you need to know about AC Mappy and how to get it.

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May 24, 2002:

WIP Update >> Just wanted to let you know that the project is not dead. We are currently working on a few new features as well as getting the few bugs worked out. For the most past though the current bugs seem to be worked out. At least for this release. As far as the new features we plan on making it download the maps from the site when you enter the dungeon .. this way there are no maps on your systems wasting your precious hard drive space.

Apr. 28, 2002 :

Decided to redo the site and remove all graphics too keep bandwith down. Also I would like to thank Greeneye at AC Maps for serving the AC Mappy program. Thank you Greeneye :-)

Apr. 17, 2002 :

Its finally here ... Remember this is a BETA RELEASE so there may be bugs. If you find any please let us know. Get AC Mappy here

Apr. 11, 2002 :

Release day is upon us. Hopefully by the 12th or so.

Feb. 21, 2002 :

Nothing yet. Just getting the site ready for it's release. Be sure too look here for when it gets released.