June News Archive



CharactersViewer 0.57

-(0.56) Removed the "return" clause of Component call (by Flisher)
-(0.56) Added CTmod button upport, in the "Party" section (by Flisher, thank to Sarmira&Cide help)
-(0.57) Added Book of Crafts compatibility (by Flisher, thank's to Blackdove)
-(0.57) Fixed Component compatibility (by Flisher, thank's to Vincent)
-(0.57) Added Auctioneer support (by Flisher, thank's to Norgana)
-(0.57) Localized the "Empty" of empty slot
-(0.57) Override Titan [ModMenu] registration in CV code. (by Flisher)

*NEW* Titan Panel [AggroAlert] 1.2

Titan Panel AggroAlert is a simple mod aimed at helping people in higher level instances. AggroAlert shows your target's target in green, unless you are the target in which case it is red.

*NEW* Titan Panel [Roll] 0.1

This Titan Panel plugin catches dice rolls from the chat system. It displays the last roll (performers name and roll value) in Titan Panel, and hovering the plugin brings up a list of the latest catched rolls.

WoWPlayer 0.4

- Mac support added (thanks mutle)
- Foobar2000 support added
- Fixed a small issue where wowplayer wouldn't work
- Combined all PC players into one executable

TitanPanel - Speed Note 1.4.2

- Fixed Destination-clearing on subzone changes
- Fixed Ironforge related errors
- Changed TOC to 1500

Titan [ChatHistory] 1.04

- French Localization updated to reflect changes in last version (Again, many thanks to Feu for providing the translation.)
- Added 'Add to Friends' to the submenu, which will add the selected person to your friend's list.



Titan Panel [ExitGame] 0.5

- Right click now completely exits you from the game with no confirmation window.

CharactersViewer 0.55 (beta)

Change from 0.54 to 0.55 (This version is in a beta state and do not bring yourself new feature, besside allowing me to know the code improvement is working well)
-(0.55) Improved backward compatibility code for inter-addon operation (by Flisher)
-(0.55) Centralized the index management, making it more robust (by Flisher)
-(0.55) Improved the Initialization and Showing sequence (by Flisher)
-(0.55) Improved the event handler (by Flisher)
-(0.55) Centralized the Hide sequence (by Flisher)
-(0.55) Fixed the right-click on bag-reset and other button to be properly initialized(by Flisher)
-(0.55) Improved various status handling in the code (by Flisher
-(0.55) Added internal support for Component addon (by Flisher)

Honor 1.1

Whats new?
1. Session saving.
2. Text message displayed on kill (can be turned off)
3. /honorreport command has been shortened to /hr (long version can be used also)

Titan Panel [Quests] 0.11

- new quest list layout [Ryessa]
- added option to show only incomplete quests (need loc guys to review) [Ryessa]
- added grouping headers when sorting by location or level [Ryessa]
- moved most options to a side menu because of the larger size from grouping [Ryessa]
- Shortened English tooltip descriptors [Ryessa]
- Changed Titan button text to be NumComplete/NumCurrent [Ryessa]
- updated for Titan Panel 1.24 [Corgi]

Titan Panel [ItemBonuses] 0.5.1500

- fixed set bonuses

*NEW* TitanFSSwitch 1.0-1501

This addon insert in the famous titan ui a toggle button in Titan panel to switch between fullsceen and windowed execution mod

 UPDATES FOR 6/15/05


CharactersViewer 0.54

-Fixed internal structure to work with EquipCompare (by Legorol / Flisher)

Titan Panel [Mail] 1.09.1500

- Added right-side icon, note this still shares the same prefs
- Fixed bug where tooltip says 'No Mail' even if the mod knows there is something
- Removed all that unneeded OnUpdate crap, button updates are now event driven.

Titan Panel - Combat Info 1.51

- DPS stats, armor dmg reduction added
- average damage recoded
- Icon support added
- Menu functions reworked

Titan Panel [Guild] 1.6

- Tooltip contents are now configurable. Can show any combo of Name, Zone, Note, Level, Class, and Rank




Sorry for the lack of updates. Between curse being slow and real life issues I have not had the time to update much (stinks too as it was a lot to update). Everything seems uptodate. Any issues let me know.
Thanks for visiting and for the return visits, it's much appreciated (WoW over 10,000 hits never thought I would see that many. All the more reason to keep uptodate).

Added Final Descriptions

- I finally added the last of the mod descriptions. Please visit the actual mods page as the description might only be a snippit of the actual description written by the author.

Titan Panel [Factions] 0.07

- updated for Titan Panel 1.24

Titan Panel [Skills] 0.05

- updated for Titan Panel 1.24

CharactersViewer 0.53b

-Fixed the title to work as intented with the new Blizzard patch. (by Flisher)
-Changed the way alot of internal stuff work. (by Flisher)
-Fixed a sky optional depency (by Flisher)
-Fixed a clearing issue (by Flisher)

Titan Panel [Mail] 1.08.1500

- New TOC version
- Compensate for lack of UPDATE_PENDING_MAIL from server on AH outbids
- Tweaked the chat-matching string, should fix deDE user's issues
- Changed New Mail icon cause you user complaints :P If you like the old one just change it back in the TitanMail.lua file, the old one is still there.
- Small locale string changes by StarDust
- Todo: Timestamps on AH Alerts and saving the list across sessions

Titan Panel - Combat Info 1.5

- Icon support added
- Menu functions reworked

Titan Panel [Guild] 1.4

- Fixed German and French localization, please test and let me know if errors remain
- localized the sort option strings

TitanLookFor 1.0

Added a pop up box for Titanbar that accepts all valid LookFor commands

Titan Panel [BattleGround] R2.1500

R2: New features include options to display your time waited in line, hide mini-map icon, and label text. New time display format, hh:mm, to save space.

* NEW * Titan Panel [Recap] 1.0

Description :
Titan Panel [Recap] v1.0 Titan Panel plugin for Recap 2.6+. by chicogrande and Gello

Titan Panel

-Displays Recap data in the Titan Panel toolbar, data includes
-DPS in
-DPS out
-DPS total
-Status bubble
- Right click menu used to configure items shown, can hide/show any of the above
- Right click menu option to pause/resume Recap monitoring
- Tooltip displays Recap stat summary and monitoring status

* NEW * Titan Panel [Session Honor] 1.0

Description :
Session Honor will track your contribution points (now called honor), and adds it up to display on the Titan Panel. It doesn't track diminishing returns for kills yet, so this is a really rough esitmate on your total contribution for the day.

* NEW * Titan Panel [BGinfo] 0.03

Description :
Plug-in for Titan Panel that displays Battleground info. When you are in a queue to enter a Battleground, the estimated wait time and your current wait time will be displayed when hovering over BGinfo. When you are in a Battleground your BG stats will be displayed. Can be used to replace the Minimap Battleground icon (which can be hidden).

* NEW * Honor 1.0

Description :
What is it?
Honor is a simple addon which tracks your contribution points for your last kill and for the entire session. The numbers given are only estimates based on the Honor Gain message added by Blizzard in patch 1.5.
Just type /honor or /honor help for a list of the slash commands.
You can report your estimated contribution to yourself, say, party, guild, raid, a player or a custom channel.

If you have suggestions please post them here.

Whats coming?
1. Create a clickable menu which performs all the functions of the slash commands.
2. Count in the honor bonus from BGs. Ex: Capturing the CTF flag, etc
3. Save the session cp and last kill cp numbers throughout sessions but only for the day so that session cp will display your estimated honor for the day.
4. InfoBar and Titan Panel support.

1. On interface load, the frame isn't hidden even if it was hidden in the previous session.

* NEW * Titan Heartstone 0.11

Titan Hearthstone uses the Titan bar to show your Hearthstone cooldown (and spell if your a shaman), it's location, and allows you to click on the icon on the bar to cast your stone . In the case of Shamans, it attempts to cast Astral Recall first, if it fails, then it uses your stone.

* NEW * Titan [Spam Blocker] 1.0

Adaptation of some addons already out there that prevent the red text pop-ups of warnings like 'Invalid Target', 'Another action is already in progress' etc.

The items available are a start. Please supply feedback with a hierachy and/or addition of items to list.

* NEW * Titan [ChatHistory] 1.02


This Titan Panel Addon keeps a list of the last 10 unique characters to send you whispers. The newest person to whisper you will appear as the button text, and you can left-click on the name to send them a whisper.

Right-Clicking on the button brings up the history window, where you can select any of the names by Left-Clicking the name in order to send that person a whisper.

* NEW * Titan [CritLine] 1.0

Titan [CritLine] records your highest normal/crit damages and let's you know when you break your previous record high. It also displays in a ToolTip your targets name, level, and date of record high.

There is currently no configuration menu with this release. I am working on the next release to incorporate this functionality and add any of your suggestions/bugs that arise.

* NEW * Titan [MyLevel] 1.0

Extremely simple mod for the Titan panel that displays a character's level at all times, for those times when the normal level display is not available

* NEW * Titan [Skills] - Modified 1.0

This is a slightly modified version of Corgi's excellent Titan add-on, 'Skills'.
All I did is add my little mod (Titan: My Level) so that instead of just saying 'Skills' as the button label, the character's level is always displayed. Minus this change, all the code is 100% Corgi's.

 UPDATES FOR 6/10/05


Added Descriptions

By request I added descriptions to most of the mods here. Due to the fact the curse is experiencing VERY HIGH usage since the latest WoW patch updates might be kind of slow.

TITAN PANEL 1.24.1500

Changed the Interface# to 1500. A few small changes.

*NEW* Titan Panel [Item Bonuses] 0.3.1500 *NEW*

Description :
This Titan Panel Plugin searches your equipment for some cumulative item bonuses, adds them and displays the result in a tooltip. Additionally one type of bonus can be displayed directly in the Titan Bar.

JB Mail Notifier 2.21

2.21 (06/10/2005):
- Fixed error in Titan Panel version

2.2 (06/10/2005):
- Updated Toc (1500) for all versions
- Added options to toggle text and sound for all versions

Titan Panel [Friends] R8.1500

Updated to WoW version 1500. New features include the ability to send a whisper or invite online friends from submenus. You can also replace the "Friends:" label with an icon or display both.

Recap 2.64

bug fixed: when pets merge, party/raidmembers are shown correctly. added: in fight data sets, combatants are numbered x(y), y being friendly combatants in that set. toc changed to 1500.

Titan Panel [Tracker] 0.07

- removed testing code that was causing an error when left-clicking

Paladin Raid Blessing 2.1

-passive party targeting now implemented, means you can cast without changing target from your mob-group support implemented, works now also with groups-rebuff list will now hide when leaving raid / group-changed options frame to be movable

Titan Panel [ModMenu] 1.09.1500

- Local specific entries, use loc = ... to make your entry load for only that client.- Tradeskills menu (thanks dotdash on Curse) Shows skills and levels. Menu items will open the craft pane or cast the tracking skill.- More Mods supported! Including the new improved Auctioneer.- New localized stuff, thanks Scarabeus on Curse- Localized/sorted emotes for deDE, thanks dan2507 on Curse (note that only deDE and enUS have emotes, you'll ned to translate for me if you want another locale!)- Now uses Titan's menu code for most of the stuff, menus pop properly now.- Toggle now switches text/icon, so you can't disable both anymore- New icon in the works.... give me ideas!

Titan Panel [Factions] 0.06

- toc updated for 1.50 patch

Titan Panel [Quests] 0.10

- German localization changes (thanks Kaesemuffin)
- added French localization (thanks Vorpale)
- toc updated for 1.50 patch

Titan Panel [Skills] 0.04

- toc updated for 1.5 patch
- minor french localization

CharactersViewer 0.52

-Fixed the .toc file to interface version 1500 (by Flisher)
-Fixed the Hooking method (by Flisher)
-Fixed compatibility issue with the new patch, blizzard calling event after flushing all info doesn't helped... (by Flisher)

AutoTravel 3.5.5b

Version 3.5.5b
* Oops! Previous version broke click-zooming. Fixed now.

Version 3.5.5
* Fixed bug with showing wrong poi list.
* Fixed bug with mouse wheel zoom (Thanks Legorol!)
* Added feature: camera follow mode is set to never while autotraveling. (So you can look at the scenery!)

Backpack Total 1.04

- Update toc to revision 1500 of the lua code
- Remove blizzards UnitName("Player") Kludge

Titan Panel [ExitGame] 0.4

Updated TOC for latest patch. Now uses latest version number(1500).

DNIRemover 0.4

Updated TOC for latest patch. Now uses latest version number(1500).

EasyZoom 0.4

Updated TOC for latest patch. Now uses latest version number(1500).



Added Descriptions

By request I added descriptions to most of the mods here. Due to the fact the curse is experiencing VERY HIGH usage since the latest WoW patch updates might be kind of slow. In most case the descriptions are copied directly from the mod authors description and may not be the complete description.



Titan Panel [ExitGame] 0.3

- Added ESC support. Window now closes with ESC

- Added new Icon in 0.3. Kinda fits the idea of the plug better.

EasyZoom 0.3

- Fixed the odd zoom issue where zooming in/out to max point it would flip to the furthest zoom point. Basically no more zoom looping

Wraith's RestXP+ 1.011

- Fixed "Unknown Entity" bug for all languages, hopefully, thanks to a line of code from the Fetch library.

Titan Panel [Money+] 3.2

- Fixed bug that causes money amount on Titan Panel not to be updated

Recap 2.63

 - changed: reverted German heal localization to 2.6

Inventory Hawk

* Fixes an inventory counting bug that allowed for ammo pouches to be included in the count.

* Change the money font to work better with Titan.


AutoTravel 3.5.5

* Fixed bug with showing wrong poi list.

* Fixed bug with mouse wheel zoom (Thanks Legorol!)

* Added feature: camera follow mode is set to never while autotraveling. (So you can look at the scenery!)




 I will be updating the site to add descriptions to all the mods. Currently though Curse seems to be running slow :( Once things get back to normal they will be added over time as there are a lot of descriptions to add.

Titan Panel [ExitGame] 0.1

Another Mod by Me. This time it's a Titan Panel Mod.
Adds a button to Titan Panel that when clicked opens a logout/exit game window.

Wraith's RestXP+ 1.01

- Fixed "Unknown Entity" bug for all languages, hopefully, thanks to a line of code from the Fetch library.

Titan Panel [Money+] 3.0

 - Fixed bug with 4+ breaking digits
- Fixed bug with reseting session data on zoning
- Hopefully fixed bug with tooltip overlapping. I have not tested this, as I never encountered this bug by myself. Input on this is appreciated
- Added ability to switch between small and normal fonts

Titan Panel [Guild] .041

06/05/2005 v.04
-added rank-based submenus to create a 3 lvl messaging environment to support larger guilds.
-user can select to use advanced, rank-sorted or simple mode for right-click menu.

Let me know if the 3-lvl concept works for you.

06/05/2005 v.041
-fixed the richRankText being nil issue, initializing
-guild_rankIndex may be zero based, changed logic to detect when creating richRankText string



 Titan Panel [Guild] 0.32

- changed chat options to be /g = guild chat, and /o = officer chat for locale reasons

- implemented GuildRoster() to update the listing on button load and when hovering over button

- added display of guild name player belongs to in the tooltip title area

- added advanced secondary menus to send whisper or group invites

 CharactersViewer 0.51

Change from 0.50 to 0.51

-(0.51) Fixed the bug on the ranged slot. (by Flisher)


Change from 0.49 to 0.50 (Note, this version will reset data on first run. This is the first version since 0.30 that data have to be cleared on upgrading, see the patch note for the reasons.)

-(0.50) Improved the data handling, saved about 15% of space per profile (by Flisher)

-(0.50) Improved the performance of various part of the code (by Flisher)

-(0.50) Added SVN tracking to all file (by Flisher)

-(0.50) Improved FR localization (by Sarmira)

-(0.50) Improved DE Localization improvement (by Stardust)

-(0.50) Fixed a en/fr localization that was too long (by Flisher)

-(0.50) Fixed MyAddons registration information (by Flisher

 Titan Panel [Skills] 0.02

- list non-passive Class Skills (ie, Rogue's Lockpicking and Poison skills)

 Wraith's RestXP + 1.00

- Alerts for active char shouldn't be displayed.

- Rest XP, current XP, and the Titan button text can now be displayed as either raw or percentage. If you have problems with the new display defaults, please run a /wrxp recycle to reset the options.

*NEW* TitanLookFor 1.0 *NEW*

Description :

Idea came from Boro's Lookfor addon, all I did was add a options graphic, when the lookfor icon is clicked it will open a edit window that accepts all valid lookfor commands.


This mod allows you to type in names or partial names of any player, mob, or item and then when you mouse over that mob/player/item it will give an audio and visable on screen alert.. alerting you that it has been moused over. The input can also be stringed together.. chest,bank,orc...etc

the names dont have to be exact they only have to contain any part of the name of the person/mob/item. Just make sure to place a comma between the words used in the search string... bank,chest,iron,gold...etc

*NEW* JB Mail Notifier 2.01 *NEW*

Now with Titan Support

Description :

Now you can see notification of new mails in Titan Panel (Titan Panel version), InfoBar (InfoBar version) or in a movable frame (Standalone version). This notification is more visible than minimap's icon. And there is also a vocal notification.


Notes for Titan Panel version:

Simply enable JB Mail Notifier in Titan Panel menu and you receive textual and vocal notification. You can toggle voice and label right-clicking on plugin in Titan Panel.




<New Features>
1. German localization (Thank StarDust!)
2. Improved memory monitoring tooltip. Added "Memory increasing rate" and "Time to next Garbage-Collection" fields.

<Bug Fixes>
1. Optimized the button/tooltip text functions. Fixed the memory increasing problem (too fast). Added an indicator in memory tooltip to show the memory increasing rate.
2. Fixed the warrior stance bar bug.
3. Fixed the incompatible issue with bottombar.

Titan Panel [Durability] 1.05

- Fixed cases when a slot wasn't filled... or you have nothing at all on
- Removed cost line from details if the item isn't present or is 100% durability

Titan Panel [Quests] 0.09

- fixed bug that was causing WoW.exe to crash when changing characters
- added German localization (thanks Scarabeus)

Titan Panel [Mail] 1.07

- Simpler tooltip AH notes done. This should work on ANY client without need for localization of my search strings. Thanks a ton to Lunox for helping me do this! (I only tested Won and Outbid on US client, but I'm confident it'll work for all)

** Bug fixed... 32 of you need to re-download
(DE) - New german local strings added from Lunox

Titan Panel [Guild] .02

- changed chat options to be /g = guild chat, and /o = officer chat for locale reasons
- implemented GuildRoster() to update the listing on button load and when hovering over button
- added display of guild name player belongs to in the tooltip title area
- added advanced secondary menus to send whisper or group invites

CharactersViewer 0.49

Changes from 0.48 to 0.49
-(0.49) Updated German Localization by Stardust(Cosmos SVN 1698, updated by Sarf)
-(0.49) Fixed (hopefully) the CritPercent for localization (by Flisher)
-(0.49) Fixed the parry, shouldn't be displayed on character without the ability (by Flisher)
-(0.49) Fixed the Logout/Quit Hook with Sea (by Flisher)

Titan Panel [Tracker] 0.04

- uses the current tracking icon for the Titan Panel icon
- ability to turn off Minimap Tracking icon

DNIRemover 0.03 (By Me Non-Titan Add-On)

-Added key binding support

EasyZoom 0.02 (By Me Non-Titan Add-On)

 - Added Mouse Wheel Support
+You can use the scroll wheel on either the Mini Map or the Magnifing Glass. Map pinging still works.
- Added ability to set a keybinding to toggle the Magnifing Glass on/off (default is off)



EasyZoom 0.1 (By Me)

- Takes the +/- Zoom buttons off the map and replaces them with an easier to use single icon to the left of the Minimap Location tab.

TitanSloc 0.01 (Requires Sloc)

Description :
small titan plugin i made so that i could use the SLoc mod (http://curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=826) in my titan panel, this *does not* replace SLoc, the SLoc mod is still required as a dependancy

i figured i'd post it even though the author of SLoc is planning to implement support for the titan panel in the future...i figured some people might find it useful until then...

can click or right click to open a small window to enter the loc rather than having to type /loc xx,yy although the slash commands for SLoc work just the same while using TitanSLoc...
i will be adding other menu options and such mostly for my own use, just havnt gotten to it yet
anyway this is my first attempt at some modding, other than some small editing here and there to help some mods fit my needs more....and even this isnt much of a mod really, anway comments appriciated

Titan Panel [Durability] 1.02

- No more GameTooltip futzing! Thanks Sarris!
- Now runs off the same events as DurabilityFrame
- Added option to supress DurabilityFrame
- Added text colors (chicogrande's code, plus mine for gradient)
- Added label text, thanks chicogrande
- Removed customize menu item, thanks chicogrande
- Added icon, thanks chicogrande
- Better handling of text formatting, thanks chicogrande

Recap 2.62

- bug fixed: removed a line of debug spam. oops

Titan Panel Bagbar 1.01

-Bag slots now show the bag icon
-Bag slots resized to not distort the image
-The item entering bag animation (when you use a merchant or summon/create items) now appears over the bag bar
-Option to show bag slots by # of slots used or # of slots remaining
-Color coding bags based on empty slots
-Improved Drag and Drop functionality
-Bags can be dragged out of slots or dragged to switch slots

CharactersViewer 0.48

-(0.44) Updated Cosmos button registration to Earth way of doing it
-(0.44) Updated German Localization (Thank Stardust)
-(0.44) Standardized the localization file to allow easier integration with other people
-(0.44) Removed the update event since they aren't needed, data is now gathered on display of youself with CharactersViewer, or when you quit the game properly.
-(0.44) Major code revamp, removed unused function and variable reference
-(0.45) Improved the non-Sea hooking
-(0.45) Fixed an old Keybinding issue (was not reported for the last 3 month...)duh?
-(0.45) Readded the event call since alt-f4 doesn't use hooked function.
-(0.45) Fixed(I hope) the error from line 451 that very few players had
-(0.46) Modified the Paperdoll "Compare" to display only when required
-(0.46) Fixed the format display of the Combatstats
-(0.46) Fixed equipcompare tooltip when the character compared is the current one.
-(0.46) Modified the Paperdoll "Compare" button state is reseted on clearing data
-(0.46) Improved clear/clearall data re-initialization
-(0.46) Improved clear/clearall handling
-(0.47) Fixed the item count in the main CharactersViewer Frame (you now see the count of throwing in the ranged slot)
-(0.47) Moved the "Select Player" dropdown in the CV frame to the same location than the one on the PaperDoll.
-(0.48) Fixed some localization / cosmosregistration constant. (by Sarf)
-(0.48) Fixed an error added by Sarf (by Moof)
-(0.48) Fixed the Bag status on/off initialisation to not overide the saved status. (by Flisher)
-(0.48) Localised DE/FR cosmos registration stuff (by Flisher)